Audi A2Q coming in 2018

August 3, 2014

The ever-expanding Audi range will see the addition of a new Audi AQ2 model in 2018 according to a new report that also posits a new Audi Q6 coupe-style SUV by 2017.

German magazine Autobild claims the new Audi AQ2 will give the brand a rival to the BMW i3, and will be built upon the flexible MQB underpinnings of the Volkswagen Group, specifically upon the Audi A3/Volkswagen Golf architecture.

The brand showed the A2 Concept seen here in 2011 at the Frankfurt motor show, and the new production model is expected to move away from the high-riding MPV-style hatchback body of the show-car towards being more of a SUV or crossover model, hence its moniker which is at odds with the A line of passenger cars and the Q SUV range. According to the report, Audi considered the use of Q2 or Q4 for the car’s name, but can’t because both of those are trademarked by Alfa Romeo.

Source: caradvice.com.au