F1 Driver Jules Bianchi Crash into Tractor at Japanese Grand Prix F1 201

October 10, 2014

Bianchi suffered major injuries when he collided with a recovery vehicle that was attending another accident involving Adrian Sutil. The Marussia driver’s father told France 3 he was in a “serious” condition at hospital near the Suzuka circuit.

Lewis Hamilton won the race, but his victory in a rain-soaked Suzuka – which had begun behind a safety car, and had initially been red-flagged after two laps due to poor visibility – was overshadowed by concern for Bianchi.

The Frenchman hit a truck after leaving the track at the same corner, the Dunlop Curve, where Sutil had aquaplaned off a lap earlier. Sauber driver Sutil, who was not hurt in his accident, said Bianchi’s accident was very similar to his.

“It was more or less the same crash, just the outcome was a bit different,” he told Sky television.

“The (vehicle) came out to rescue my car and then it all happened.”

FIA head of communications Matteo Bonciani said: “The driver is not conscious and has been sent to the hospital by the ambulance because the helicopter cannot fly in these conditions. Further updates will follow but for the moment we cannot say anything. I will keep you updated as fast as I can,”