Haifa Wehby Accident

December 27, 2013

hafia wahbi in an accident got hit by a plane while shes tring to get an album pic. Haifa Wehbe in Serious Car Accident IN SEPT 2010

Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe survived a serious car accident while filming her latest video clip of the song ‘Hassa Ma Benna Fi Haga’ in Lebanon.
The video clip shows a helicopter chasing Haifa’s car … What happened was that the helicopter hit the back of Haifa’s car and also Haifa’s head! This resulted in a huge accident that left the car smashed and loads of glass pieces flew in all directions which resulted in puncturing the helicopter’s fuel tank! The fuel spilled all over Haifa & the crew … This could have become an ugly exploding accident … But luckily that didn’t happen.