Khan Speed 7 Image Teaser

September 4, 2015

The Speed 7 is heavily inspired by Grand Prix racers of the 1930s. It boasts a highly aerodynamic body with a long hood and a tapered rear end, air vents on both sides and a tall, slightly slanted grille up front. Large wire wheels add a finishing touch to the retro-inspired look.

The period-correct treatment continues inside with plaid upholstery on both seats and a seemingly simple, back-to-the-basics dashboard with a handful of gauges grouped into a single cluster. Buyers who want to turn the retro dial up to 11 will be able to purchase vintage-looking clothing designed by Kahn.

What the Speed 7 will be powered by is up in the air. It is being developed primarily as a track car, so odds are it won’t be street-legal.

Kahn is actively seeking British companies to help manufacture the Speed 7. If all goes according to plan, a small number of cars will be hand-built in the coming months. Every example will come with a numbered plaque and a detailed owner’s handbook that highlights every step of the production process from start to finish.

Additional details are vague at best. We wouldn’t be surprised to see the Speed 7 in the metal in about two weeks at the Frankfurt Motor Show, but Kahn hasn’t provided an official launch date yet.

Source: Yahoo