Land Rover Range Rover 2014

February 25, 2014

Iconic Design

The Range Rover has a clean and elegant shape which is derived from a fresh interpretation of Range Rover design cues. While instantly recognizable as a Range Rover, the new vehicle takes a significant step forward with a bold evolution of the iconic design.

Evolution of a Classic

Unmistakably Range Rover, the fourth generation has been developed from the ground up to provide ultimate luxury, following the innovative spirit of the original design from over 40 years ago.

Modern Interpretation of Iconic Design

Taut and structured, the shape is more distinctive. The signature clamshell hood, floating roof, deep imposing grille, side fender vents, and headlamp graphics have the familiar Range Rover presence, while the front of the vehicle is subtly different. The optimized proportions and sleeker lines are a modern interpretation redesigned with three and a half thousand new parts.

Streamlined Aerodynamic Form

Building on Range Rover‘s distinctive design, the silhouette is now gently tapered and more curved. The equivalent of 170 years of processor time was spent to optimize aerodynamic performance. With a roofline 0.79 inches lower in the access mode, the Range Rover is the most aerodynamic ever.

Distinctive Design Details

Designers have looked to best-in-class innovations in other fields for modern interpretations of classic design cues. The distinctive headlamps were inspired by the technical graphics of a camera lens. It’s this essential Range Rover spirit which is also found in the signature clamshell hood, the floating roof, the side fender vent graphic and the rear lamp pattern.

3-Line Design Principle

The Range Rover achieves perfectly balanced proportions of the marque’s three classic lines. The lower accent graphic, roofline and belt line that flows around the vehicle give it a unique sense of composure and unmistakable form. This balance manifests in the details as well. The ratio of the wheelbase to the overhang enhances the flowing elegance, while the glass to body proportions convey strength and durability. This combination makes it uniquely Range Rover.

Unrivaled Capability

The Range Rover has been engineered from the ground up to be the most refined, most capable Land Rover ever. With the adoption of the latest body and chassis technologies, the vehicle’s all-terrain performance has moved on to another level, both in the breadth and accessibility of its off-road capability, and its on-road handling and refinement.

On-Road Experience

The on-road experience of the Range Rover has been transformed with improved on-road handling and more confident, agile cornering. Choose from Petrol or Diesel engines. Intelligent technologies round off a safer and even more luxurious Range Rover.

Improved Corner Handling

To deliver flatter, more confident cornering, the Land Rover engineers have optimized the stiffness of the chassis and body, as well as meticulously tuned the suspension and steering. The Dynamic Response system dramatically reduces the amount of body lean during cornering, offering drivers a greater feeling of composure. The system is now standard with the 5.0L V8 Supercharged engine.

Advanced 8-Speed Automatic Transmission

Tuned by Range Rover engineers, the electronically controlled ZF 8HP70 8-speed automatic gearbox in the Range Rover combines silky-smooth shifting with exceptionally rapid response and outstanding fuel economy. Each shift can be completed in just 200 milliseconds using either the Rotary Shifter in the center console or the Paddle Shift conveniently mounted on the steering wheel.

Improved Performance and Efficiency

Inspired by aerospace innovations, the Range Rover is the first SUV with an all-aluminium structure, improving performance and efficiency.

Lightweight All-Aluminium Body

Inspired by high-performance, lightweight aerospace structures, the all-aluminium structure is 39% lighter than a steel body for more agile and responsive handling. The body absorbs more energy per lbs than steel so it has also been engineered to withstand punishing off-road impacts and improve collision safety.

Improved Fuel Economy & CO2 Emissions

Range Rover’s lightweight aluminium platform has helped to deliver significant enhancements in performance, fuel economy and CO2 emissions. This inspired further weight-reduction elsewhere in the vehicle, with lighter driveline and chassis components. More compact, sophisticated engines dramatically reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Intelligent All-Terrain Performance

True to its Land Rover heritage, the Range Rover has been engineered to thrive across all terrains.

Terrain Response®2

A team of Land Rover technical specialists have developed the next generation version of Terrain Response® system. It features a sophisticated ‘intelligent’ system that analyzes current driving conditions and automatically selects the most suitable terrain program. Each setting optimizes driveability and traction by adapting the responses from the engine, gearbox, center differential and chassis systems to match the terrain’s demands, giving the ultimate in ride comfort.

All-Terrain Safety Technologies

The Range Rover has one of the most sophisticated range of safety aids. A unique suite of all-terrain technologies help maximize performance and safety during challenging maneuvers, including Hill Descent Control, Gradient Release Control, Hill Start Assist, Dynamic Stability Control, Electronic Traction Control and Roll Stability Control.

Intelligent 4WD System

The Range Rover features full-time intelligent 4WD. The electronic center differential optimally distributes torque to all four wheels to provide maximum grip on all surfaces in all conditions. The transfer box uses a two-speed fully synchronized ‘shift on the move’ system, allowing drivers to change range at speed up to 60km/h without having to stop the vehicle.