Mark Zukerberg Facebook CEO Buys a Pagani Huayra

July 17, 2014

Facebook mogul Mark Zukerberg is rumoured to have ordered a Pagani Huayra. Zuckerberg is thought to have put down a deposit on the Italian hyper car. US spec cars are starting to leave the factory and the very first deliveries are taking place. Mark Zuckerberg has previously been spotted driving a Volkswagen Golf GTI, an Acura TSX and even a Honda Fit. A Pagani Huayra would be a big step up!

40 percent of current Pagani Huayra orders are headed to US customers and we are sure that more high profile customers will emerge through the rumour mill. It is the first time that a Pagani model has been sold stateside. Mark Zuckerberg will join a list of famous Pagani owners which includes Lewis Hamilton, Wyclef Jean and fellow tech entrepreneur David Heinemeier Hansson.

Source: Gtspirit