Mustang celebrates in Dubai its 50th anniversary in Middle East

May 3, 2014

​DUBAI, UAE – From the race track to the silver screen, the Ford Mustang has captured the hearts of muscle car lovers for 50 years. As global celebrations marked the legendary car’s golden anniversary, Ford Middle East commemorated Mustang’s 50th anniversary in true muscle car spirit at a massive event in Dubai’s Meydan Hotel.

From the very start, Mustang’s unique combination of style, performance and affordability established an entirely new class of sporty cars that has inspired numerous competitors.

To celebrate this historic milestone, more than 500 Mustang owners and enthusiasts gathered to drive their muscle cars around Dubai’s key locations, led by the Dubai Police Ford Mustang Roush patrol car. The parade was attended by enthusiasts and owners who came from as far away as Saudi Arabia to mark this milestone. The parade ended with a Mustang festival, which included displays of hundreds of Mustangs ranging from classics to customised, and multiple events, including competitions for Best Customised and Best Restored Mustangs.

“Ford Mustang is undeniably an iconic muscle car that has its own unique following,” said Kalyana Sivagnanam, Ford Middle East and North Africa director. “From the day it rolled out to showrooms in 1964, Mustang has captivated hearts of car lovers globally. We are thrilled to see so many fans have joined us to mark the legend’s 50th anniversary celebrations for the Middle East.

“Thanks to the never-ending support of Mustang owners, specifically the Mustang clubs and groups that joined us from around the region, for their unwavering passion and loyalty to the ’Stang,” Sivagnanam said. “The Mustang has made it to half a century, and here’s looking at more exciting, adrenalin-pumping drives with the pony car for many more years to come.”

Source: Ford.com